Hello world, to the nth time

It’s 4am and about one hour ago I drastically decided to go back to WordPress. Before this installation there was a static PHP page, and prior to it, a Drupal and WordPress installation. I dub this the triangle of confusion. I’m certain that I’ve landed back in this corner of the triangle because I updated and migrated five different WordPress installations last weekend. I hadn’t used WordPress in a while, but seeing its polished UI and out of the box features again, was enough to take action. A static page, even if the code is as beautiful as it gets, is just not convenient to maintain, and even though a Drupal installation can turn a website into a very powerful and flexible product, it seems overkill for a personal site like mine.

I have high hopes that this installation will stick around for a while, as I’m planning to actually populate it with content and keep it coming. The main focus will be to provide an archive of the various projects I’ve worked on, but at the same time, it’ll become a notepad to hold thoughts, news, ideas, and anything else involving my career as a web developer & user-interface designer.

Happy Thanksgiving, and we’ll talk again soon!

1 thought on “Hello world, to the nth time

  1. Ryan Post author

    Wow, it’s now 6am and I’m still fiddling around with WordPress. I should know better than to start something like this during wee hours 🙂


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