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Bash script to mirror directory and database of website between servers


When you have a site that’s an on-going project, and you’re using a development, staging, and production server configuration, time and time again you’ll have a need to mirror theĀ  production site content with your other environments.

Previously, this either meant to manually (FTP) or semi-manually (rsync) update the files, export the database, and in the case of WordPress MU, update certain records in the database. While the entire act isn’t hard, it has a zero-fun factor.

I put some time aside to write a small bash script that could automate this for multiple sites with just two commands. The script could definitely be improved, but it’s functional and gets the job done nicely, but I’m always open to suggestions and improvements.

I’ll go through the entire script, and if you find it useful, you can adapt it to meet your needs. Any variables or data you may need to change, will be highlighted in red below the code box.

You can find the entire code in a Gist. Note that there are two versions. One for server to server, the other for server to localhost. We’ll discuss the server edition below.

Table of Contents

  1. Program Skeleton
  2. Server Environment
  3. Production/Local Server Variables
  4. Program Arguments
  5. Display Functions (page 2)
  6. MySQL Functions
  7. Main Functions (page 3)
    1. Download Files
    2. Export Database
    3. Upload Files
    4. Import Database
  8. Run Functions (page 4)
    1. Run Synchronize
    2. Run Update
    3. Run
  9. Run Program (page 5)

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