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Monitor database availability with Pingdom


I’m testing out a new VPS with a couple sites on it, and after several hours of uptime, the mysqld service (database) was sacrificed in order to clear up RAM. As it turns out, I didn’t have a swap space for the VPS to offload inactive pages in memory.

I wrote about how to add a swap space to your VPS yesterday, but today I wanted to share how you can get alerted by Pingdom that your database is down. If you simply check for a 200 OK response, Pingdom would report that everything is OK, however if your site is database-dependent, just because the server is up doesn’t mean the site is functional.

Now, it is possible that you could have a database issue with one site, but not the other, in other words, you’d eventually want to monitor both sites using two different checks, however the goal here is to ensure that the database is generally available.

The following describes how you can setup a page on your VPS to report whether the database is up, and how you can then have Pingdom look for that information to determine whether your server is considered up.

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