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Git post-receive hook to deploy WordPress and plugins as submodules

In a previous blog post I discussed how best to manage file and folder permissions when deploying with Git, but today I’ll show a specific example of what that post-receive hook might look like for a WordPress project that uses submodules.

I have three servers that I can deploy to, but the post-receive hook only deploys a project when it encounters the specified branch as defined per server:

  1. QA waits for a release branch
  2. Staging waits for the master branch
  3. Production waits for the master branch

Other than this small difference, the post-receive hook is identical on all three servers to reduce maintenance.

Lastly, each server has two repositories per project:

  1. Bare repository – storage unit that uses a post-receive hook to deploy the project.
  2. Working repository – web root that will serve the project to the end-user.

This method has several benefits:

  1. View a combined list of all version-controlled projects via the /opt/repositories directory.
  2. Recover a corrupted web root by cloning a fresh copy from the origin.
  3. Prevent some issues that may occur during the deployment, since it will fail before post-receive hook is fired.

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