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How to track video plays in Ghost with Plausible

Plausible comes with the perfect number of metrics out of the box, but if you need a little more, you can track custom goals, such as outbound clicks or file downloads, by adjusting the script embed and including those goals within your site settings.

Now, for additional custom event goals, you can use the global plausible function to push an event, such as Video: Play, with a couple properties, such as page and video, which is what we’re going to do.

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How to install Ghost alongside CyberPanel on Ubuntu 20.04 without Docker

If you have a Ubuntu server with CyberPanel installed, and want to install a Ghost blog on that same server, here are step by step directions on how to do that.

The latest version of Ghost (5.x) encourages (and soon requires) MySQL 8. If your CyberPanel server has MariaDB installed, you have a three options:

  1. Use remote database server with MySQL 8.
    • Pro: Meets requirements. Con: Need to set up remote database.
  2. Configure SQLite if you don’t want to bother with MySQL 8.
    • Pro: No need for remote database. Con: Data stored on file system. Not scalable.
  3. Install MySQL 8 on your CyberPanel in parallel to MariaDB.
    • Pro: Meets requirements. Con: New database system just for Ghost.

I’ll be using a remote MySQL 8 database, simply because I already have a separate server with that set up, but I’ll include a note on how to set up SQLite if you just want to take Ghost for a spin.

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